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Nothing makes us happier then to see the wonderful dogs in our care find their loving and forver home. Nothing that is, except maybe updates and pictures from their new families.

Please submit your A Rotta Love Plus success story & picture to Rachel at: if you would like to see your rotten Rottie or playful Pittie on this page.

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Adopted, July 19, 2010, Gabbi's story is not unique or rare. Unfortunately, it happens all too often; owner surrender November of 2009 with no history, foster home for 2 months and in her case, 4 months in a boarding facility in Fargo, ND. Fortunately, she ended up at ARLP because Larry (now forever referred to as Uncle Larry) had an acquaintance who asked for ARLP's help placing her. I had just lost my male Rottie to cancer in early March just 6 weeks before Gabbi came into my life. I didn't feel I was remotely ready to foster a dog but everyone who knew me disagreed. I had just completed the foster paperwork and the home visit with Larry & Amy when a few days later I received the email from Amy; "we think we have the perfect dog for you to foster". I hesitated for just a short minute and said "Yes, bring her over" and she was at my house that evening. I didn't have much time to think about it and although I was very excited and happy, I was also wondering how could I feel sad at the same time? A small part of me felt that I might be betraying Toro in getting another dog so soon. So Gabbi came into my life and it has turned out to be the best thing for both of us. Gabbi was my first foster dog and you all know how THAT turned out. I was truly expecting my first foster would be a wild pittie that had been running on the street, not socialized, dirty, stinky with no manners, no potty training and totally out of control. I was up to the challenge. Instead, I was blessed with Gabbi who although is not perfect ( what dog is?) is darned near almost perfect, at least to me. She came to me with so many positives that far outweighed any negatives; loves people and has a special affection for children, intelligent, potty and crate trained, beautiful, funny, gets along well with her cousin Rocky and I could go on and on. The few negatives are getting better every day. She came with a bossy/dominant attitude (typical female Rottie). Now that she knows who is the leader in my house (and it's not her!) things are much better. We are still working on her negative dog and cat reactions, obsessive inappropriate barking and I guess the squirrels will have to fend for themselves. She challenges me every day to keep me on my toes, and this is a very good thing. I can't believe how much this pretty girl has taught me in the last almost 3+ months. First of all, how much I DID NOT know about dogs in general and Rottie's in particular. Although I never considered myself a Rottie expert I thought I knew quite a bit. After all, I raised one 7 week old puppy to adulthood and he turned out darned good. HA! Was I surprised and did Gabbi make me learn, but fast. Although very challenging and frustrating at times, working with Gabbi has been so rewarding as I watch her blossom into the fabulous dog she is today and will continue to be as she becomes the best she can be. Everyone who meets her loves her and she is absolutely part of our family in every way. I could not have done it without the help of ARLP, the Rot'N'Pit trainers, Rachel & Lara's confidence in me and especially all of Uncle Larry's guidance. My friends and family tell me Gabbi is one lucky girl to have ended up with me forever. Funny, but I think "I'm" the lucky one. She has brought so much love and joy to my home and has helped my heart heal from the loss of my Toro Dog. I know had he still been around Gabbi & Toro would have been the best of friends. Instead, she gets to bark and growl at Toro's pictures and portrait that are on the walls wondering who that interloper is and what is he doing in my house! Yes my dear Gabbi, aka Gabbi Girl, The Gabster and Princess Gabbi, you are finally at home where you belong.


Josie – Adopted: February 14, 2010 Silly, cuddle-obsessed Josie started life as one of the 400+ dogs involved in the six-state federal dog fighting raid in July 2009. This resilient little girl faced a long journey, but her A Rotta Love Plus rescuers knew that she was special and worked tirelessly to make sure that she would be one of the dogs who “made it.” When we decided to add a second dog to our household, we approached ARLP and asked which of the dogs currently being fostered showed the most potential for success in the ARLP education and therapy programs. All signs pointed to Josie, and for us it was love at first sight. We brought her home on Valentine’s Day, which is truly fitting for a dog so full of love. Josie recently achieved her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and is on her way to becoming a certified therapy dog. Once this is accomplished, she will begin visiting abused and neglected children in a Twin Cities youth shelter, where she can be living, breathing evidence of hope and resilience – two things kids in the shelter urgently seek. When she’s not working on her manners, Josie spends her days lazing in the sun, wrestling with her four-legged brother, and hunting chipmunks in the back yard. She makes us smile and laugh every single day with her goofy antics, and we do not know what we would do without her nightly cuddling sessions on the couch with us. We are so grateful for the hard work and compassion of ARLP that have made our lives with Josie possible!


Hey All. Its me, Zoza. I thought I would give ya’ll an update on my situation. Well, a while back I posted about needing a forever home. Good news, my blog post obviously reached the right people cuz I have been adopted!! Funny story. My foster momma helped me to post my plight and get the word out I was looking for my forever family. And we waited and we waited and I tried to be patient… Well one day, my foster momma asked my foster dad, “what if?” I pretended not to be listening and feigned disinterest. On their little conversation went. Foster momma said, “what if Zoza was adopted? Could we live with that?” Whoa lady, back up that horse- was my response, what did she want, me to be in limbo for the rest of my life? To always be a foster and never have a forever family? Now that didn’t sound fair. But I sat and listened as they continued to discuss something called pros and cons. Then they talked about the f word. The f word? Whatever that is. Anyways, this conversation started happening about once a week. Then my two legged foster sister showed up and we played and snuggled. One day she told my foster momma that “Zoza is my dog!” Then the f word got talked about every day. The pros, the cons, blah blah blah. Foster momma talked into her little crazy machine that rings- that’s where her sister lives – and they talked and talked-all the time. Did I mention she likes to talk? Well on this continued. Then one night, while we were all sitting on the couch relaxing she told me. She told me that I wouldn’t have to look for a forever home anymore- that I was going to be adopted! Now I was excited, this was big, BIG news. But I was a little sad, you see, I really love my foster family, they do fun things with me. Training, walks, fetch (or as I like to call it, throw the ball and chase), snuggles and Foster Momma even makes me homemade puppy treats. I snuggled in close to her as she talked to me and my foster daddy and she said that she would be my Momma and I wouldn’t have to call her foster momma anymore. Cuz they failed and I would be with them forever. WHATEVER! How could keeping me forever possibly be a fail? Silly Momma. Obviously my blog made my Momma start asking herself, as she says, the hard questions. She says that she could not imagine not having me in her life- yeah, I have that affect on people. She said that I fit in and that I am not only awesome with my two legged sister, but great and gentle and everything they could ask for. So to all you peeps out there wondering, I found my forever home. Lara even came out to make it official and Momma ordered me a new collar and I get a license. How cool is that? It feels real nice to be adopted. So for all you pups out there waiting. Be patient, cuz its worth the wait- promise and once you are in your forever home, man is that a sweet feeling.


Mae - Adopted November 10, 2009 We have had Rotties in our lives for nearly 25 years. But after losing our last companion to cancer, we were so sad that we waited months before thinking seriously about another dog. Should we get a Rottie? Another breed? We knew that we wanted a rescue dog this time ... sure, we could buy a dog from a breeder but there are so many dogs in need of homes! So we looked and looked, and finally: there's Mae on the ARLP website! Quick! Fill out the application! Mae was a four-year old city girl from Minneapolis. Her original owner loved her very much but his job began to demand too many days away, and he realized that Mae needed a new home. Fortunately, he contacted ARLP. When we met Mae prior to finalizing her adoption, we were really impressed by her playful spirit and overall energy level. Wow, did she like to run, jump, fetch her tennis ball, and meet other dogs! She also liked neck scratches, tummy rubs, and sitting on our feet so we couldn't get away. It was love at first sight. Now, Mae is a country girl in Minnetrista. She is healthy, lively, and a joy to have around. We still can't believe that she's four years old .. maybe one? All of our Rotties have had distinct personalities, and Mae is no exception. She is the most "doggy" of our companions to date, with loads of textbook communication: play bows, dominance games, lip licking for calming, and so on. Mae still gets really anxious when she sees other dogs, not because she's aggressive but because she wants to play! We're going to ARLP-sponsored classes on Sundays now to improve her socialization skills, and are looking forward to spending our summer weekends together in state parks around Minnesota. Mae is our new forever girl. We are so glad that ARLP was there to rescue her for us. But it works both ways: after meeting Mae, a friend gave us a small picture frame with a photo of the three of us in it. The frame has a caption: "Who Rescued Who?" Kind of says it all. Thanks again to ARLP, -- Bob and Brenda

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