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Sara and Josie

PRIORITY Paws Team, Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team  

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2007

Registrations: CGC, TDI

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Forcefully smooshing herself into everyone she encounters until they either agree to cuddle with her or fall over, whichever comes first.

Dog's Least Favorite Thing: Being separated from people.

Dog's Favorite Quote: In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be a little different.” – Coco Chanel

Josie Josie


Josie was rescued from the infamous seven-state federal dog fighting investigation in the summer of 2009. When I started volunteering for ARLP, Josie was in ARLP’s foster program. As I learned more about the wonderful things being achieved by ARLP’s PRIORITY Paws program, I knew I wanted a therapy dog of my very own, so when I was ready to adopt, I asked the powers-that-be at ARLP which of their current program dogs had the most potential for a future in therapy. Everyone pointed to Josie, and she came home to us for good on Valentine’s Day 2010.

After months of hard work (me) and excessive amounts of cheese-filled hotdogs (her) (…OK, and me), Josie achieved her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International registrations. In addition to PRIORITY Paws, Josie and I volunteer with ARLP’s dog safety program. We have also volunteered with Fairview Hospital’s Youth Grief Services Program and St. David’s Adventure Program, both in the Twin Cities.

When she's not out in the world sharing her contagious smile, Josie busies herself with the all-important job of protecting the world from anything that squeaks, shamelessly seeking scritches and hugs from anyone with two legs, stealing vegetables from the garden, bossing around her four-legged brother, taking long naps in the sun, and just being a regular dog.

Describe your dog in one paragraph:

It is hard to put Josie into words, but she can be summed up simply: to know her is to love her.

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