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Jennifer and Jazmin
PRIORITY Paws Team, Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team   

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2006

Registrations: CGC, TDI

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Making people happy

Dog's Least Favorite Thing: Elevators

Dog's Favorite Quote: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Jazmin Jazmin


Up until two years ago, the only thing that I knew about pit bulls was what I learned from the media, which means that I didn’t have the most positive thoughts about these dogs because I had not properly educated myself. Everything that I thought I “knew” was turned upside down when I attended an animal welfare conference that featured a representative from A Rotta Love Plus as a keynote speaker. Every media myth was refuted with facts and real life examples that opened up my mind to learn more about pit bulls.

Fast forward several months after that conference. A friend and I attended Pet Expo to meet a lot of dogs in one place (very convenient during a MN winter) and that’s where I met Jazmin, where she was available for adoption with Gemini Rottweiler and Pit Bull Rescue. We had turned a corner into a new aisle and I saw a cute little brown and white pit bull that had her back to me. From over 20 feet away, I turned to my friend and said “I think that’s my dog.” We went to meet her, I loved her and we started asking questions of the rescue and one of the first things that they told me was “our ideal home would be one that would like to do therapy work with her, she was born to be a therapy dog”, I knew that this was my dog.

I wasn’t the only one who had to be comfortable with adopting a pit bull; because of my work schedule, my parents provide “grandma and grandpa daycare” quite often for me. They also have 2 dogs. I called them to try to sell them on my adopting a pit bull, because I knew that I would need their support. When my dad answered the phone, I immediately launched into a massive run-on sentence along the lines of “She’s a pit bull, BUT she’s really friendly, loves dogs, loves people… I know she’s a pit bull, BUT…” and he interrupted me and said something that will stay with me forever: “I don’t care what breed of dog she is, she could be a blue dog for all I care, but is she a good dog? Yes? Then let’s introduce her to our dogs and take it from there.” I never again made the statement “She’s a pit bull, BUT …” to try to justify why she was a great dog. She is a great dog. Period.

Jazmin met the other dogs and my parents and everything went as well as it could. Yet, I was still nervous about being a first time pit bull owner. This is where ARLP stepped in and sealed the deal for me in officially adopting Jazmin -- Rachel and Lara agreed to make the long haul to Woodbury to officially temperament test Jazmin.

To say that she passed the temperament testing would be an understatement. She SUPER passed! Rachel and Lara’s willingness to do the testing for me, even though she was not an ARLP program dog, sealed the deal. Jazmin was officially adopted and I was indebted to ARLP for life.

Describe your dog in one paragraph

Jazmin is the only dog that I’ve ever known that wags her tail in her sleep. She is truly the happiest dog that I have ever met. She has an innate kindness about her that draws people to her (well it’s that plus the fact that she stands and smiles at people and wags her tail, almost daring them to try to ignore her!) and allows her to win over people who were otherwise scared of pit bulls. Her mission in life is to make people happy. She’s a great ambassador for pit bulls and there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for her. 

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