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Brit and Madeline

PRIORITY Paws Team, Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team  

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2005

Registrations: CGC, TDI, ATTS (also passed test for Delta)

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Food, chasing squirrels and long walks in the woods

Dog's Least Favorite Thing: Long, cold winters

Madeline Madeline


Madeline was the first of ten puppies born to two Grand Champion show dogs in Newark, NJ. Madeline was so eager to get things started she was born in the back seat of the car on the way to the vet!  It was decided that Madeline was going to be too big (literally!) to follow in her parents paw prints so she was given up for adoption. When she was nine weeks old, I flew to Newark and escorted Madeline home. Her official name is Gavell’s Princess Madeline PR.

Madeline and I started her training at six months old and did continuous training classes until graduating from Agility classes about a year and a half later. Madeline passed her CGC test a week after she turned a year old and passed her TDI test a month after that. After receiving our TDI, Madeline and I visited a nursing home for a year and a half. We switched to visiting the Harriet Tubman center with a group called Paws for Peace and visited there for approximately a year, it was then that ARLP decided to start its own program. Madeline and I visited St Joes for about a year every week.

Madeline and I also do quite a bit of volunteer work for ARLP in the form of public education events and dog safety classes.

Describe your dog in one paragraph:

Madeline is a calm, well-rounded dog. She has a “been there done that” attitude with just about everything. She is inquisitive and intelligent. Madeline is mellow by nature, but also has the ability to be athletic. Above all, Madeline loves to work. She really enjoys visiting with kids and loves to show them her tricks.

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