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PRIORITY Paws Team - Laurel and Mercedes

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2002

Registrations: TDI

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Going to the park to play fetch, smell everything, and play with the other dogs.

Dog's Least Favorite Thing: Having her nails clipped

Dog's Favorite Quote: Saving just one dog did not change the world, but it surely did change the world for that one dog.



Mercedes and I met in spring 2004 at an adoption day in one of the local pet supply stores. She had just been rescued along with 2 of her puppies (from a litter of 10!) from a home that was not treating her well. She was nervous and underfed when I first saw her. She was afraid of loud noises, timid to meet people, and at 1.5 years old, likely bred more than once. I was looking for a companion to help make my new house a home and in Mercedes, I found a better companion than I could have described. Over the years, I have taken a few different classes with Mercedes to improve my training skills and we both enjoy the classes. The reason we became a therapy dog team is told by Mercedes below. The way we became one was through a the therapy dog class with The Canine Coach, and that class lead us to A Rotta Love Plus PRIORITY Paws.

Describe your dog in one paragraph:

Hi! I’m Mercedes and very happy to meet you! Actually I’m always happy to meet new people, go to new places, smell new things, and offer myself for a pet or a scratch. My person takes me everywhere she can which includes going to local art fairs during the summer. It was at our first art fair that we encountered a frail, elderly woman in a wheelchair. Her son asked if she could pet me and as she leaned down to reach me, my person warned the woman, “Be careful.  She will lick your face.” The woman leaned even closer to me and I couldn’t resist a soft lick of the woman’s papery cheek. The woman looked so happy that it was like light was shining from her face. My person says that she still gets choked up when she remembers that.   Me, I just remember it was a nice day, we were outside smelling interesting things, and the lady seemed nice so I shared a little of my happiness with her. Besides liking people, I also like to go to the park and play fetch – I pretend the ball is a chipmunk so I never get tired of chasing it. I like rides in the car, going for walks and trips with my person to visit family or what she calls vacations. I’m not sure why they are called vacations since I do the same things I do every day. I started out with a family that kept my world pretty small so I was nervous about new experiences. Now I know that I love going places and meeting new people!   

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