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PRIORITY Paws Team - Paige and Pearla

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2006

Registrations: CGC, TDI, ATTS

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Jolly Ball

Dog's Least Favorite Thing: Being left alone

Pearla Pearla


I became involved with ARLP's Dog Safety Program in 2009, first with my non-ARLP dog, Paisle, because she was the first of my dogs to pass both CGC and TDI. Marshal, my first ARLP dog, became involved after he passed both CGC and TDI later that same year (2009), and now Pearla is involved as she has all the letters after her name as well.

In late October 2009, a gentleman found an emaciated, hairless bleeding Pearla next to a dumpster, with lacerations about her head. This Good Samaritan took Pearla to the ER for stitching, but was unable to keep her due to his allergies. Through a third party, the Good Samaritan heard of the veterinarian Dr. Hunter, and Pearla made her way to Dr. Hunter’s excellent care that same week. The list of Pearla’s ailments is a long one, but her largest health challenge was ringworm.

Pearla’s first culture showing she’d beaten ringworm came in early February 2010. She then passed the ARLP temperament test given by Lara and Rachel, after which she came to my home as my foster on Feb. 13, 2010. In her immediate next weeks in my house, Pearla quickly adapted to life in a home. Much of her coat had grown in as her health returned, but she needed a jacket and boots for our short walks outside, and sometimes still needed a sweater inside, too. She loves her toys, and will retrieve any item you’re willing to throw for her, as long as you’re willing to throw it. She does struggle a bit with stairs when she’s tired. Dr. Hunter believes part of Pearla’s hesitation with stairs may be partly due to her poorly formed frame, and x-rays indicate Pearla already has arthritis in her left front leg. 

Pearla has officially found her forever home with me and we will continue to participate in all possible opportunities with ARLP.

Describe your dog in one paragraph:

The best part about Pearla, however, is she carries no baggage. She is very smart, and tries to please every minute of every day. Pearla loves everyone she sees, every time she sees them. She’s had Happy Tail three times now, from rough pavement, the kitchen cabinets, or whacking her tail on something else in her excitement to just be with people. Pearla wants to be part of what you’re doing whenever you are doing it, from sorting laundry to washing the dishes (especially if you’re washing her dinner bowl). Often when I’m concentrating on something on my computer, I’ll turn around to get something off the counter, only to see Pearla sitting behind me, waiting for some attention. We’ve come to end our evenings now with Pearla snuggled in my lap while I page through a book or watch a movie. 

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