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Laurie and Brock

Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team 

Dog's Approx. Birth Year: 2007

Registrations: TDI, CGC, RA, RN

Dog's Most Favorite Things: Frisbee, dock jumping, swimming, and food

Dog's Least Favorite Things: Anything related to grooming!

Brock Brock


 Brock was born in animal control. His pregnant mother and father came in as strays and had to wait quite a while for the rescue group (Rescued Pets are Wonderful) to get them out. RPAW was able to get them out when the pups were a few weeks old. Brock had eight brothers and sisters. RPAW was looking for fosters.

My female pit was seven years old at the time and I had been peer-pressured for years from dog school friends to get another one. Brock's familly happened to be housed near a friend of a friend from dog school. They convinced me to just "go look" at the puppies. Once there, they convinced me once again to "just foster" three of them. For the record, I picked Brock as one of the three; my friends picked the other two. My female dog liked Brock the best so the other two were adopted to other homes and we kept Brock.

Brock has been attending Total Recall School for Dogs in Hugo since he was a little puppy. He's earned two Rally Obedience titles in addition to his Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog registration. He's currently working on agility and dock-jumping titles, and he's recently started tracking. Brock also enjoys fostering puppies and teaching them how to be good dogs. Brock is a free-range pit: he's very fortunate to live on five acres in the country and be able to swim every day at a nearby lake. He lives with an older female pit, three house cats, one barn cat, and two old horses. Brock gets along with everyone.

Describe your dog in one paragraph: 

 Brock is the opposite of every pit bull stereotype. He's not aggressive in any way and it's hard to imagine anyone fearing him. He's good with small pets and dogs of all sizes. He's easy to live with. Brock is ready to play any time but content to cuddle on the couch too. He's very trainable and always wants to learn something new. Overall he's a great dog to enjoy life with and he's a great example of the real pit bull, not the stereotype. I hope he's able to be a therapy dog for many more years and help change people's perception of pit bulls.


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