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Jennifer and Stella

Dog's Approx. Birth Year:  2005

Registrations: CGC,  TDI

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Warm sunshine, long walks, apples, green beans, lots of love

Dog's Least Favorite Thing:  Cold winters, nail trims


Stella was adopted from Sanctuary Plus  when she was six  months old by a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, due to allergies, they were unable to keep Stella and we were fortunate enough to have her join our family instead. Stella was the first bully breed to join our family. She has taught us so much and we are now huge advocates for the breeds. In January 2012 we adopted another pit bull from an animal control shelter down in southern Illinois. The kind volunteers kept her safe for 7 months while searching far and wide for a home for her. Stella and Bebe are the best of friends.

Stella and I completed two levels of obedience training, passed the CGC, and became TDI registered in September 2012. We are thrilled to be part of the PRIORITY PAWS team. We also volunteer with the Dakota County libraries and various schools in the ‘read to dogs’ programs.

Describe Your Dog in One Paragraph:

Stella is a very mellow, sweet dog. She enjoys the finer things in life (napping, treats, walking, cuddling) and would prefer to do all of these things with a human companion. She isn’t the most coordinated dog, her list of tricks is fairly short, most people think she looks like a male, and the kids often complain of her old-dog breath. In spite of all that, Stella believes in her heart that she is a princess.

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