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Ruth and Tally
PRIORITY Paws Team, Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team

Dog's Approx. Birth Year:  2008

Registrations:  TDI, CGC

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Snuggling while chewing something, going anywhere in the car, and sleeping.

Dog's Least Favorite Thing:  When it’s raining or too hot or too cold.



Tally was one of approximately three dozen dogs rescued from a 2010 fight bust in Florida. The dogs were held in a county shelter as evidence, with no air conditioning, no medical care, and not enough food and water. The folks from BAD RAP came to temperament test the dogs and were appalled at the conditions. They said dogs were literally dying at their feet, and only three made it out alive. Luckily, Tally was one. She came to Minnesota and spent some time foster-hopping, then made her way to her forever home in May 2012.

Describe your dog in one paragraph:

Tally is a ridiculously enthusiastic, clumsy, silly little dog who loves almost everyone. One ear flops over no matter what the other one’s doing, and she has a white splash on her chest that looks kind of like a flying bird. She loves to play, can be pushy with affection, and is sometimes just the teeniest bit bratty. Her right front leg has a bend in it from a puppyhood injury that wasn’t treated, so she wears a brace for support sometimes. It’s hard to believe that she has ever suffered, or that anyone has ever treated her unkindly, because she’s so full of joy. She even wags her tail during naps: happy, happy dreams!

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