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Dog's Approx. Birth Year:          2007

Registrations:          TDI, CGC

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Mothering others

Dog's Least Favorite Thing:      Having to stop chewing on her bone

About Lucy:

Lucy was found on the street abandoned, pregnant and so thin that her ribs were showing. She delivered 4 puppies (3 boys, 1 girl) on the floor at Animal Control. All 5 came to our house a few hours later. Lucy is a natural Mother and with the help of our George (formerly Maverick, ARLP alum), in 8 weeks the puppies (Neal, Alex, Geddy and Sarah) were ready to move on and find their forever homes. Lucy found hers with us.

Lucy is an incredibly docile and sweet motherly dog that flourishes when given a purpose and keeping her busy.


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