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Michelle and Emmersyn
PRIORITY Paws Team, Dog Safety/Humane Ed Team   

Dog's Approx. Birth Year:      2008

Registrations:      TDI, CGC, Class BA with Honors

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: Tennis balls, squirrels, napping on the couch

Dog's Least Favorite Thing:    Bath time, cold weather


Emme was found by a pizza delivery man on his last delivery of the night on a cold December evening. He called the St. Paul Police Department to report the lost little pit bull puppy. A nice officer kept Emme in her home until a rescue could be found for her. Emmersyn came to us as foster....and we became her forever home when we adopted her!

Emmersyn's biggest love in life is people. She lights up and radiates when she is around people. She is totally in her element when there are people to meet and attention and love to be had. Emme is a relaxed, laid back, low energy girl, but she has her playful puppy moments. In these moments she'll throw toys up in the air to herself, do wild and uncontrolled zoomies, or will slap the water and try to catch the splashes in her mouth when we take her swimming. She has an independent and stubborn streak at times. But more than anything, Emmersynn is perpetual happiness in a dog. She has the biggest joker grin that she wears all the time for no special reason. To best describe her is to say that she is happy go lucky. Emme finds joy in all of life, she is a happy girl and who doesn't love a happy girl?

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