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Dog's Approx. Birth Year:      2009

Registrations:      TDI, CGC

Dog's Most Favorite Thing: People and food (or better yet, people WITH food!)

Dog's Least Favorite Thing:    Albert will avoid having a bath at all costs. That includes running and hiding anywhere he can as soon as he sees the towel.  


Albert was found wondering the streets in February of 2010.  Some kind soul pickup him up and contacted ARLP about this adorable puppy.  He then became my foster dog.  Within a few short weeks I knew that he was to stay at my house and become a therapy dog. 
Albert wags his tail almost constantly.  He is one of the happiest dogs that I have ever had the opportunity to know and love.  He is goofy, enthusiastic and has deep love for people (especially those with food).  I am so fortunate that he is able to come to work with me from time to time.  Everyone at my office just loves him and he loves them back.  I have been told that as a therapy dog, he does his job at the office too.  I have to add that he has changed a few people's minds at my office about the breed.  He wins hearts everywhere he goes!

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