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Where and How ARLP Selects its Program Dogs

Where do ARLP program dogs come from?

  • ARLP dogs come to the organization from local animal control facilities. ARLP fosters are quite literally life savers for dogs in local animal control facilities. 

What does ARLP look for when selecting a program dog?

When A Rotta Love Plus has an opening for a new dog in one of our foster homes, we use certain criteria to guide our selection and make sure we choose a dog that will be great a representative of our beloved breeds. 

While you can be sure that ARLP does our darndest to pick dogs that will be super-star breed ambassadors, the dogs in our program are likely not perfect.  Many of the dogs that we bring into our program have had little experience living in a household, so it’s little wonder that they need a benevolent leader like you to show ‘em the ropes.  The time they spend in foster care gives the dogs a one-way ticket to Good Mannersville, but we ask that the dogs’ forever homes commit to taking them the rest of the way on their journey.  Fortunately, when you adopt a dog from ARLP we provide you FREE training classes for the life of your dog!

The real pit bull temperament can be summed up with these words:George Look For

  • Seeks out human interaction
  • Responsive, biddable, good natured and eager to please
  • May be genetically predisposed to aggression towards other dogs or animals but is able to be calm in the presence of other dogs on leash or - if initially leash reactive - can learn how to tolerate their presence
  • Appropriately submissive
  • Well balanced and optimistic
  • Enjoys handling
  • Presents good eye contact
  • Willing to connect with handler during high arousal; can be handled safely even in times of high arousal; drops arousal levels quickly when removed from a stressful situation
  • Social with people of all types
  • Never aggressive towards humans

 The real Rottweiler temperament can be summed up with these words:

Klaus Look For

  • Calm
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Courageous and adaptable
  • Responds quietly to surrounding environment
  • “Wait and see” attitude – Rotties are like chameleons; you can usually find a Rottie quietly observing, and analyzing different situations he encounters, then acting accordingly.  A Rottie can change his temperament depending on what the situation calls for
  • Natural clown

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